Lafico Trainees

Mr. Abougila Almahdi, Vice Chairman for Corinthia Group together with Mr Alsaied Dhaim, the Legal Representative for Lafico Malta Office have met with the Lafico Trainees who are following a training course in the hospitality sector.  Mr Abuagila encouraged the trainees for future positions within the Tourism Industry. 

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Airmalta and Medavia

Mr Mohamed Dau, Mr Alsaied Dhaim and Mr Ibrahim Khalifa have met with the Chairman and General Manager of the Maltese airlines on the 1st August 2019 to discuss further business opportunities for all companies. 

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Lafitrade Holdings B.V. General Assembly

The General Assembly for ‘Lafitrade Holdings B.V.’ was held in Amsterdam (Official Headquarters of the Company) on the 30th of July 2019.  Attending for this meeting were Mr. Abdurazaq Zmirli, Mr. Alsaied Dhaim, Mr. Rayad Hobba, Mr. Lutfi Gammam, Mr. Ron Stienmar, Mr. Raymond Vella and Ms. Silvana Abdilla. 

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Meeting with the Chairman of Airmalta

A meeting was held at the Lafico Malta Office  between Chirman of Airmalta – Mr. Charles Mangion, Mr Salem Hnesh – Director General of LAFICO, Mr. Alsaied Dhaim – Legal Representative for LAFIFO Malta Office and Mr. Ibrahim Khalifa – Managing Director for Libyan Maltese Holding Company. Cooperation and investment were on the agenda for this meeting

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Kenzi Hotels Group

A meeting was held at Corinthia Palace Hotel, Balzan between Mr Abdullatif Kabbaj, the
President of Kenzi Hotels Group in Marocco, Mr Alfred Pisani the Chairman and CEO of
Corinthia Group of Companies and Mr Salem Hnesh General Director at Libyan Foreign
Investment Company.
During this meeting, the three gentlemen discussed co-operation to further prosperity in all
sectors of the Hotel Industry such as accommodation for holiday makers, venues for meetings,
conferences, weddings and all type of events.

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Meeting with Trainees

The Director General of LAFICO, Mr. Salem Hnesh met with the LAFICO’s trainees who are following a training course with Corinthia Group of Companies to obtain work experience.  He discussed several ideas aiming to make their training program a success story and encouraged them to exert more effort and perseverance.  

The Vice-Chairman of Corinthia Group Mr Abuagila Almahdi , together with the Deputy Director of IHI, Mr Hussam Zarzour accompanied Mr Salem Hnesh for this meeting.

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Celebrating Eid

A reception was held at LAFICO Malta Office on the 11/06/2019 to celebrate Eid -is -zghir after Ramadan.

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Medavia overcomes storms in Libya and continues to thrive after 40 years

Based in Malta for more than 40 years, the aviation company Medavia, which was founded mainly to serve the Libyan market, has managed to diversify its activities, overcoming the various storms of instability. in Libya, which began even before the current crisis, when Libya and Medavia had to face United Nations sanctions against Libya.

It started with a small hangar but expanded to offer a range of services related to the aviation industry. Medavia is recalling a 40-year history of the ups and downs of Libya’s instability. The company prides itself on the fact that despite going from one crisis to the next, it has never laid off workers and today, with its work, it is struggling to find workers.

Medavia’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Ivan Refalo, said the company’s biggest growth was in the maintenance of certain types of aircraft, a sector that has almost tripled in the last two years. He explained that this growth was due to the fact that the company obtained the approval to repair 10 types of aircraft. He said, however, that the company could not grow further because the lack of workers with the necessary skills would get their hands dirty.

Ivan Refalo said “to employ people from third countries, from outside Europe, the process is very long. Although we have to admit that some progress has been made and we find help, only the process is still long and we cannot rely so much on it. In fact, today we have to acknowledge that for this immediate time, for the next year and a year and a half we must consolidate that we have and not look for other aircraft approvals. “

Medavia employs 220 workers from 22 different countries. 80 of them are Maltese. Mr Refalo said many of those occupying senior positions in the company, including technicians, have climbed one step after another after starting as apprentices.

Mr Refalo said that although in the last two weeks, flights to Tripoli had all stopped due to fighting, until recently Medavia was the only company that continued to offer flights between Europe and Libya. He said that in the first quarter of this year he operated an average of 15 flights a week.

Mr Refalo said that with the various services, Medavia has recently added another service, which he said should open new avenues for the company.

Ivan Refalo said “Medavia is the only company that has design approval in terms of EASA known as part 21 – we modify design. This will not only change livery but may involve changes to the seating configuration – from a 50-seat to a 30-seat aircraft but with more comfort. “

Mr Refalo said discussions were under way for further collaboration with Air Malta. He said the company has a presence in several countries including Libya, Ghana, South Sudan and Tunisia and said it is expected to expand with similar services in African countries and Russia. ”

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