The LAFICO Legal Representative office in Malta was established in November 1981. It was set up to serve as a bridge for investments between The Libyan Foreign Investment Company, based in Libya, and the rest of the world.


General Manager – Libyan Foreign Investment Company

Mr. Moussa Alhassan Atiq, born in 1986 in Sebha, Libya, is the General Manager of Libyan Foreign Investment Company  – LAFICO, since 13th June 2021. He has previously occupied the post of the ‘Manager Director’ of Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP). He also occupied the position of Legal Consultant at the Libyan Investment Authority – LIA.

He had obtained a law degree from the University of Sebha, a Diploma in Law Academy of Graduate study, and a master’s degree in ‘International Business Law’ at the Bournemouth University, England.  Moussa Alhassan Atiq has a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in different sectors.

His strong analytical ability and excellent communication skills make him a thoughtful leader and a confident decision-maker.  He will establish goals and strategies that are essential for the Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LAFICO) to increase business success, through modern technology, while competing with other companies around the world.



Our vision is to move from a stage of anticipation and stagnation to another stage that believes in the need for changes, modernization and upgrading to meet the changing market demands. 

Our aim is to raise Libyan investments in Malta with the mechanisms that operate according to modern concepts, through communication, participation and an open approach with plan for action.

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Associated Companies & Subsidiaries

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‘Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited’ is one of the major companies in Malta in the tourism industry. Over the years it has expanded to encompass ownership and has developed its operation of hotels in Africa, Europe, and beyond. In the year 2000, International Hotel Investments plc (IHI), a subsidiary of the ‘Corinthia Palace Hotel Company’,

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Mediterranean Aviation Company Limited, also known as ‘Medavia’ was established in 1978. It operates charter flights between Malta and Libya, covering the remote airfields of the oil and gas industry in Libya. ‘Medavia’…

Medelec Switchgear Company Limited founded in 1977, is a company equipped with new technologies to produce mainly Switchgears and provide Engineering Services. The company has throughout the years, successfully…

Mediterranean Power Electric Company Limited established in 1977 is a joint venture company between Maltese, Libyan and British parties. The company produces Low Voltage Substations, Switchboards, Street Lighting Panels and…

Universal Inspectorate & Services Company Limited was established in 1984. It specializes in professional inspections, (quality, quantity and packing) of different commodities and goods such as Food & Feed, Medical Equipment…