The LAFICO Legal Representative office in Malta was established in November 1981. It was set up to serve as a bridge for investments between ‘The Libyan Foreign Investment Company’, based in Libya and the rest of the world. Our team has high ambition to be of service for those companies or individuals who are looking to further their investment in all sectors being in Malta, Libya or any other country. We have many years of experience in different sectors: including Aviation, Hospitality or Industrial. We intend to widen our investments and take a step further to success, while discovering new sectors in the economy of Malta or beyond. No matter the different cultures or beliefs, we aim high to provide all our partners or shareholders with a professional cost effective service to ensure prosperity within all our companies. Today, more than ever, the government of Libya is open for businesses with new foreign companies or individuals and it is the right moment for those who are interested in investing for the future, to grasp this opportunity and contact our office in Malta. Together we can make it happen and build the new Libya to become the most modern country of Africa based on a healthy economy for our future and the future of our children.
Speech of the Director General of the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company

Work is underway to achieve qualitative changes in work, performance and achievement, and will reflect the company's deep strategic vision in delivering the best results. , We are moving towards achieving the best results for the company and we reaffirm its position as a leading Libyan investment firm.

Eng. Salem Hnesh
Speech of the Director General of LAFICO legal representative office - Malta

Our vision is to move from a stage of anticipation and stagnation to another stage that believes in the need for changes, modernization and upgrading to meet the changing market demands Our aim is to raise Libyan investments in Malta Our mechanisms operate according to modern concepts that take the approach of communication, participation and an open approach and plan of action.

Eng. Alsaied Dhaim