On the 5th of November 2021, the women from LAFICO Malta Representative Office and the Subsidiaries Companies, got together and discussed how to put forth the greatest possible amount of effort and energy towards improving their place of work for the benefit of all the employees.

An important topic discussed, was the increasing number of documents needed to submit the Residence/work permits for the Libyan Officials, online with ‘Identity Malta Agency’.   Sometimes these applications take quite a long time to be approved and issued.  This matter can create some problems for the LAFICO Officials, while they are seconded to work in Malta.

Virtual meetings, remote working and other changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic is a challenge to consider flexibility of working from outside the office.  However, several studies have pointed out that women can be talked over or ignored during ‘in-person’ meetings. The pandemic is a perfect opportunity for LAFICO company to take a stance in addressing the need for greater gender and racial equity at the place of work.

All of those present at the meeting agreed that similar discussions are to be held more often.