It gives us great pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr. Moussa Alhassan Atieg as the new General Manager for the ‘Libyan Foreign Investment Company’ (LAFICO), since June 2021.  He was born in 1986 in Libya.  He had obtained a law degree from the University of Sebha, a Diploma in Law Academy of Graduate study, and a Master’s Degree in ‘International Business Law’ at the Bournemouth University, England.  Moussa Alhassan Atieg has a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in different sectors. 

His previous positions included:

  • ‘Contracts editor assistant’ in Sebha Court,
  • ‘Teaching Assistant’ at the Faculty of Law in Sebha University,
  • ‘Lecturer’ at the Police Officers Training Centre in Tripoli,
  • ‘Law specialist of the Board of Directors’ with the ‘National Oil Corporation’,
  • ‘Head of the Faculty of Law’ at Sebha University,
  • ‘Member of the Committee preparing the Faculty of Law Internal regulation’ in Sebha University,
  • ‘Office Manager of the HR, environment, security & health committee member,
  •  Legal consultant of the same committee member,
  •  Strategic plan implementation Committee member’ with ‘Brega Oil Company’, Tripoli,
  • ‘Board of Directors Secretary’ with ‘Libya Africa Investment Portfolio’ in Tripoli
  • ‘Compliance Officer’ with ‘Libyan Investment Authority’ (LIA)
  • ‘Legal Consultant’ with ‘Libyan Investment Authority’ (LIA)
  • ‘Board member’ with ‘General National Maritime Transport Company’ in Tripoli
  • ‘Board Director’ with ‘West African Monetary Union Agency’ (WAMU/UMOA)
  • ‘Credit Guarantee Fund Board Member’ in Tripoli
  • ‘General Manager’ at ‘Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP) General’ in Tripoli
  • His strong analytical ability and excellent communication skills makes him a thoughtful leader and a confident decision-maker.  He will establish goals and strategies that are essential for the ‘Libyan Foreign Investment Company’ (LAFICO) to increase business success while competing with other companies around the world.