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The Libyan Foreign Investment Company has the pleasure of celebrating the forty-year anniversary of the establishment of its representative office in Malta. The local branch of LAFICO was established in Malta on the 23rd of November 1981. It was set up to serve as a bridge for investments between Libya and the rest of the world.

On the commemoration of this occasion, the Local Representative of the LAFICO Malta Office, Eng. Alsaied Dhaim said, “The continued presence and investment of LAFICO in Malta represents the continued bond between the Libyan and Maltese people that has subsisted over the course of the past forty years. Our goal remains to continue to foster our investments in Malta and modernize our structures to meet growing present-day demands.”

LAFICO has various subsidiaries and associated companies that have a long-standing history in Malta and a close connection to the Maltese people.

International Hotel Investments plc and Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited Malta form part of the world-renowned Corinthia Hotels Group. Corinthia owns and operates around eighteen hotels spanning three continents.

The Libyan Arab Maltese Holding Company Limited was set up in 1975 together with the Maltese government as an investment holding company.

The Mediterranean Aviation Company Limited, better known as ‘Medavia’, was established in 1978. Medavia has a long-standing presence in the aviation sector in Malta providing various charter flights between Malta and Libya and aircraft maintenance services.

Medelec Swichgear Company Limited was founded in 1977. The company is a joint venture company between the Maltese government, LAFICO, and Schneider Electric Industries SAS. The company is equipped with new technologies to produce switchgears and provide engineering services. 

The Mediterranean Power Electric Company Limited was established in 1977. The company is a joint venture company between the Maltese government, LAFICO, and Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd. The company produces low voltage substations, switchboards, and street lighting panels.

Universal Inspectorate & Services Company Limited was established in 1984. It specializes in professional inspections, and quality, quantity, and packing of different commodities and goods, such as food, feed, and medical equipment.

In conclusion, we always strive to work hard to develop and support these joint projects, and we have confidence and conviction that the coming years will enhance the role of these companies in contributing to the development of the Maltese and Libyan economies.