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Medelec Switchgear Limited

Medelec Switchgear Limited is the Subsidiary company of LAFICO which was founded in 1977. Our four trainees from LAFICO HEAD OFFICE in Tripoli, Mr Aren Zampou, Mr Abdulmunim Allafi, Mr Hashem Kolan, and Mr Emhemmed Alhamali together with Mrs Basma Taher Naser from LAFICO Representative Office have visited MEDELEC SWITCHGEAR LIMITED on the 5th February 2020.

This company specializes in the design and manufacture of high voltage and medium voltage switchgear, compact and mobile substations, control panels, low voltage distribution boards, and automatic voltage regulators. It also provides site services for the installation and maintenance of this equipment.

More information can be obtained from the website

Head Office & Factory BLB033, Bulebel Industrial Estate, Zejtun ZTN 3000. Malta.